Proton Web SDK is a Javascript package for developing web applications to interface with Proton Wallets. This module provides features such as login, session storage, and transactions. This will facilitate the communication between your web app and the wallet, sending requests to the wallet for user authentication and signatures.
ProtonSwift and ProtonKotlin are what we consider the Wallet SDK’s. What we mean by this is that it handles a Proton account in every aspect. Account management, private key management and storage, signing transactions, handling ESR requests, and more. This is not to say that the Wallet SDK’s couldn’t also be used by an app that’s not a wallet. If there are features you’d like to see out of the SDK’s please feel free to submit and issue to the respective Github repository. We will take your requests into consideration.
These libraries are MIT licensed and we welcome developers to use or build their own code base if they prefer.


Last modified 8mo ago
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