# Introduction

# What is Proton?

Proton is a layer one proof-of-stake blockchain that leverages cutting-edge WebAssembly (WASM) (opens new window) smart contracts to enable high-performant, scalable and sustainable computation. Developers can leverage Proton to easily and securely build tokens, NFTs, exchanges, lending markets and much more.

Proton Smart Contracts use AssemblyScript (opens new window), a state of the art extension to Typescript (opens new window) that:

  1. builds to high performance WASM
  2. adds native types like u8, u16, u32, u64
  3. integrates with the existing web ecosystem

# Basic Smart Contract

A simple Proton smart contract has the structure:

import { Contract, print } from 'proton-tsc'

class HelloContract extends Contract {
    say(text: string): void {

To generate the WASM and ABI that you can upload to the Proton blockchain, simply run:

npx proton-asc hello.ts

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